Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Ajo Station Border Patrol Arizona shaped challenge coin

Hey everyone Rob here with Spartan Coins. Today I wanted to bring you an inside look at one the challenge coins we recently created for the United States Border Patrol here in Arizona.

As you can tell from the image in the video this border patrol station challenge coin is rather large. This specific challenge coin measures two point seven five inches longest dimension is plated with Antique Gold, has soft enamel paint color on both sides and clear coat epoxy on one side.

Soft enamel paint color does not completely fill the recessed voids on custom coins. This is what makes epoxy so useful. Epoxy is much like the clear coat finish on your car’s paint, as it not only protects but it also creates a flat, smooth surface.

While it’s true you may be able to fill the raised and recessed areas of a coin below epoxy, you will not fill those areas as pronounced as you will on a coin without epoxy.

If you’re in the market for a custom Border Patrol challenge coin or any other custom challenge coin or custom lapel pin then please be sure to check us out here or reach us directly by calling our eight hundred number, 1-855-477-7826.

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Ajo Border Patrol Station challenge coin

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