Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Challenge Coin Design – Raster Artwork to Vector Artwork Conversion

Hey everyone Rob here with Spartan Coins dot com and what you’re seeing in this video is raster artwork or pixel based artwork before it is turned into vector or line based artwork. The great thing about vector artwork is that it can be scaled up without losing detail, distorting or pixelating like pixel based raster artwork.

This is obviously an accelerated view your seeing here. I wish I could complete artwork at this pace believe me. This video only covers one side of a coin design and is really an introduction to a more detailed challenge coin design video located on our website which is linked in the description box below.

In the other video located here I plan to show you multiple ways this specific design can be accomplished on a challenge coin and why I chose to design this specific element the way I did.

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challenge coin design

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